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About us

About us

The "Istra kamen" Ltd. company originated from domestic production craft "CANDELA" which by Mr. Zlojić Đorđe, in 1995. In 1998, his wife Marina and his son Radovan joined in the production.

Through hard work and targeted and decisive investments in new technologies, the craft begins to rapidly develop and it became known in the continental part of the country.
The "Istra kamen" Ltd. is the company founded in 2012, as the transition from small craft in entrepreneurship.

Processing technology of granite and marble by the system "from the stone block to the final product", allows us to promptly respond even to the most demanding orders of our clients.

The company's goal is to continually monitor and increase the quality and competitiveness of our products, where are our ambitious staff  team is always at your disposal.

""Even the precious stone requires skilled craftsmen's hand...""

 Istra kamen d.o.o.

Dir. Radovan Zlojić